Friday, October 23, 2015

Funko Fridays: Funko Collections I Want to Complete

Funko Collections I Want to Complete

Weirdly enough, I can love a franchise, but I won't feel pressured to buy a Pop of a character I'm lukewarm about (See: Trick 'R Treat's Sam) so I don't think I can ever never really complete a line.

The closest thing I have come to doing so is with Funko's horror movie Pops. But considering that I only ever collect their horror movie Pops to begin with (with a few exceptions, like the Malificent Pop in my last post), I'm not sure that even  counts.

Still, I'm not just all about horror. There are so many fandoms I am in love with, and in a world where my wallet permits and all practicality is thrown out the window, here are some lines I would love to add to my collection:

The Star Trek Pops, But only the TNG crew, since this was the show I really grew up with.
I want that Locutus of Borg Pop so, so badly.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Pops, The fact that it was released to mark the film's fortieth anniversary this year makes me want them even more.

The Breakfast Club Pops. Hands down my favorite John Hughes movie. 
So many great memories and one-liners from this film.

The ever-growing Adventure Time Pops. Not in photo: Marceline, The Ice King, Finn, Jake, and my absolute favorite, the sassy Lumpy Space Princess. 

And what kind of horror fan would I be if I didn't covet the classics like The Universal Monsters? 
They don't sell the Phantom of the Opera Pop here for some reason, and it drives me crazy knowing I'd never be able to complete it.


  1. Love it! Great choices. :D I totally feel you on the room and money constraints. I joke that we're building a house so we have more room for Funko... :D

  2. I love your choices! The Universal Monsters are adorable!


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